ScapeBabe (closer2myself) wrote in snarkypagans,

Bboard Wicca!

More on that Magic with a K stuff, and those who totally heart $ilver Ravenwolf:

Such little gems as:

moneik, witch craft 101, spelling. it's magick, not magic. magic is pulling rabbits out of hats and card tricks. magick is the real deal, spells, ancient wicca


Ok so just read very quickly this thread. if your into wicca and the spells (mainly its about visulisaition and positive enery and how to focus that) try typing in on google witchcraft 101. dont pay people for spells or trainging if you do that you wont learn. This site helps with some of the basic rules. after that spell books, hitory of wicca and related topics go so far as herbal medicine, salem witch trials etc. then try other websites on the net. DONT go asking to jpin a coven if you find 1 1 you dont know what there into if they can be trusted and any self respecting coven wouldnt take you as it takes a long time to itrigate you into the coven.
blessed be

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