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There are even dumb-ass Jewitches!

I swear, every now and then the worst kind of know-it all High Muckety Muck of Wiccan lore makes me want bang their head into a wall repeatedly.

Particularly amusing portions of the text have been bolded, emphasis mine.

"Just because I'm a know-it-all: Wicca is a religion with a
theology, so I don't think it's possible to be a Wiccan athiest.


"Wiccan athiest" ? hope not for "wicca" means Male "Wicce" means

To answer you would take a book but i am not in this club to teach,
but rather, due to my depression of losing Margaret, who was
a "Witch" by birth, to find answers myself from someone psychic,
meaning Mental enough to break the bonds of physicality to inform me
of Mt's status.

Funny, just before i read this i advised one of my students that
there are always different ways we can respond to each situation.
Repulsive, neutral, or positive.

i have to admit i take some offense at your attack against Mt
who WAS a true born witch coming from a line of 100s of years, just
like saying, "you can't be English even if your parents were both
English but gave birth to you in France".

Witchcraft is a Earth religion, NOT a "theology". Witchcraft
believes in the energy of life & believes that ALL things exhibit an
energy force, defined as "male=positive" or "female=negative" Then
they named these various energies. When hostile religions came along
they falsely accused Witches of worshipping false gods giving them
the right to murder, torture & slaughter & as a Rabbi pointed
out, "this is a far greater crime than studing the occult" where
radicals will attempt to appear proceeding from accepted standards
of morality or justice using "Theoloical excusses" for their crimes
against fellow human beings.

Simply put you are wrong< as i could continue to explain what true
witchcraft is all about living with a Witch who held two Ph.Ds & a
degree in engineering,
& having close contact with one now, my
daughter in-law, whom i just asked, "Do witches study theology" &
she quickly responded "hell No, who told you that ?"

As a Rabbi said years ago, "they have SOME kind of Judaism" i guess
that there are those who profess to be witches & have no idea what
it is
So PLEASE leave it at that, i don't need anymore attacks
against Mt.

Keep in mind what our sages teach, "there is positive truth that
builds & negative truth that hurts & destroys". Mt is no
longer here to speak for herself & it reminds me of predominate
people who die than all kinds of accusations are heaped upon them as
they aren't there to defend themselves.

There are also those "who think they know it all" & are adverse to
growth, while others
who love life are always changing, always growing, always expanding,
but that choice each of us must make.

Please don't attack Mt again !

Sincerely Mk

Below is taken from an old dictionary/encyclopedia

O.E. wiccecræft, from wicce (see witch) + cræft "power, skill" (see
craft). Witchcraft was first declared a crime in Eng. law in 1542;
trials there peaked in 1580s and 1640s but fell sharply after 1660.
The last, in 1717, ended in acquittal. The Witchcraft Act was
repealed 1736.

Also study Matthew Hopkins who was slaughtering witches long before
the 19th century. Also look up "witches+persecution" on the net.

Now to begin, i wasn't the one who named any religion, you did, but
seeing you have & than turn the blame on the Torah, that which you
call O.T, let me explain.

The true translation of that passage you quote is, "you shall not
sustain a witch" & has nothing to do with the murder that hostile
religions used with their own translation of *THEIR* Bible.

"theology is the study of religion". Again you error for the word
theology comes from the Greek "Theos" meaning god, & "Ology" meaning
the study of. Witchcraft is not interested in the established gods
of hostile religions.
And on the same level of radical
Islam "Convert of burn" was the motto of certain hostile religions
of that day. This same hostile religion burned, not only the people,
but millions & millions of books attempting to destroy anyone or
thing that opposed their religion.

"while Wicca is a faith" not going into defining "faith" as it's too
deep of a topic for this reply, but Wicca is a "PATH" that one
choses to follow, has NOTHING to do with "faith".
Except maybe as
being a scientist "this i have faith will work" such as when i was
employed doing anti-terrorist work "i had faith that my translation
of coded messages were right & FBI moved on that finding". According
to all sources "You were right" & thus the FBI put their faith in

Now i can continue pointing out to you your various errors but i
like this group & don't want to upset Mss.

So as i would close, "Believe any thing you want" that's the ruling
of the Supreme Court of the United States, but "believing" don't
make it so.

Sincerely Mk

Couldn't have put it better myself, you ponce.

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