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Religious Studies

I know it's annoying when you meet someone who spouts off things like, "I worshipped Quetzacoatl and Thor last week; tomorrow, I'm invoking Diana," but what is the proper use of comparative religious studies? Isn't it helpful to realize that Coyote, Loki, & Choronzon share certain characteristics? Or not? I mean, I know it can sometimes seem like a vain exercise of one-uppsmanship ("I can list off more pagan Gods than you"), but has anyone ever ben helped by comparing Greek, Roman, & Native American God forms?

And when do you think it's cool to add Jungian Archetypes to the mix, or to apply James Frazer's theories, or even moder psychology/nerology? Is it ever? Sometimes it sems odd not to put everything we know into into our religion.
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